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2017 Jun 3 Professor Tullman-Ercek convenes a session at ASM Microbe 2017
2017 May 21  Congratulations to Mary on Earning Her PhD!
2017 Mar 16 A Secretion-Amplification Role for Salmonella enterica Translocon Protein SipD
2017 Feb 24 Improving encapsulated pathway behavior in bacterial microcompartments
2017 Feb 17 Team DTE goes traveling for conferences
2017 Jan 20 Using Synthetic Biology in extreme environments
2017 Jan 19 Jay goes into the Mars-simulated habitat
2017 Jan 2 MBP Students join the lab
2016 Dec 12 Bon and Charlotte join the lab!
2016 Dec 23 Proteins adopt functionally active conformations after type III secretion
2016 Sep 23 Reshaping the virus: a not-so-short tale of protein engineering
 2016 Aug 23 A Selection for Assembly Reveals That a Single Amino Acid Mutant of the Bacteriophage MS2 Coat Protein Forms a Smaller Virus-like Particle
 2016 July 1  DTE lab moves from UC Berkeley to NU