The Tullman-Ercek lab have always been heavily involved in activities include a science festival booth, science café lectures, hands-on museum activities, K-12 classroom activities, REU student hosting, and more.

Danielle was an active speaker at events that relay the benefits of synthetic biology research to the general public, including a booth at the Discovery Days at AT&T Park event during the Bay Area Science Festival 2012. We look forward to setting up booths again at the Chicago Science Fair. Watch out for Danielle speaking at other public events such as NU science café series.

Our group members currently participate in K-12 educational activities as part of Science Club and other Science in Society programs, serve as judges of science fairs, and lead tours to visiting school groups and their teachers as well as Science in your Community Center. Science Club is an after-school STEM program that works with underserved K-12 children in the city of Chicago. Science In your Community Center (SICC) is a new outreach program started with EvanSTEM that aims to bring monthly STEM activities to underrepresented 6th-8th grade students from Evanston’s Fifth Ward.

 Group members also engage members of public by contributing regularly to online publications such as NU’s Helix and UC Berkeley’s Berkeley Science Review (BSR). Emily also serves as the Editor-in-Chief for BSR. Han Teng also volunteers as public floor volunteer at the Field Museum. Danielle is also eager to serve on panels and give lab tours for girls and women interested in science, via the Career Day for Girls program, and the Women in Science and Engineering Research program at NU.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the outreach that the lab does, contact us. We are also constantly looking out for new outreach opportunities.